At Halibut Point Marine Services we operate a Marine Services Center and Independent Petroleum Sales out of our 5 acre industrial site north of Sitka, Alaska. We provide boat haulout services with our 88 ton Marine Travelift, Commercial Fishing Gear Storage, Marine Fuel Sales from our Fuel Dock, and Heating Fuel Sales.
Keep Full Program
Customers enrolled in Halibut Point Marine Service's Keep Full Heating Fuel program become members of the Warm Rewards program. As a member of this program you are entitled to Discounts of up to 10 Cents per gallon off of each gallon of vehicle fuel you purchase at our Gas Station at 603 Halibut Point Road. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
Our Facility is Located 5 Miles North of Sitka across from Old Sitka Rocks. We offer marine Gasoline and #2 Diesel at our floating fuel dock and can accommodate vessels up to 80 feet. In addition to our floating fuel dock, we have a floating deep water dock that is capable of accommodating passenger and cargo ships up to 1000 ft in length. Fuel services are available at the deep water dock with the use of our fleet of fuel trucks.

Our Facility is conveniently located adjacent to Northland Services and Alaska Marine Lines. We work with both of these freight companies to picking vessels in or out of the water for shipping to or from Sitka by barge.